mobileECOtuning are a well established UK based company offering professional services to the Automotive Trade and Public customers. Operating from our HQ Workshop in Weston Super Mare, we have multiple franchises across the UK as part of the MET (mobileECOtuning) brand.


Specialist equipment, certified by many of the main dealers is used by our fully qualified and authorised engineers to carry out fully guaranteed work, typically with proof of work supplied in the form of reports, diagnostic outputs and even our Rolling Road and Dyno test facility in Weston Super Mare.


We operate workshop and mobile services. We have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading Automotive Diagnostics and Tuning services, primarily serving s.

We started offering our services to Automotive Garages, Main Dealers and the Tuning Industry, resolving issues that they could not solve and we proudly offer a ‘no diagnosis – no charge’ guarantee.

More and more, we find members of the public approaching us to carry out work directly, rather than paying the ‘middle man’ prices to the dealers. We are not your typical back street garage. We typically do not carry out mechanical work, instead specialising in the complex diagnostics, electrical and tuning functions of the automotive trade.


We are at the cutting edge in the diagnostic industry having a dedicated workshop designed around technical diagnostic tasks.   We have invested thousands in the latest diagnostic equipment including gaining security accreditation from most main manufactures.  From a multi-meter to a Rolling Road, we have it all.


ECU Remapping

ECU REMAPPING involves reading the vehicle’s standard calibration map, and then adjusting various parameters such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications), ignition advance, and throttle pedal control – amongst others – to release the true performance of the engine.

When developing a new vehicle the manufacturer has to make a compromise on the state of tune to account for all driving conditions and regions. We take this initial mapping and alter the ECU software to safely gain power and torque, giving improved driveability and, in the case of diesel engines, enhanced economy.


Dealer Network

We have created a comprehensive dealer network because they get excellent service and high quality, timely support. Whilst we have every confidence in our abilities, we are acutely aware that our reputation is based on our dealers – on every job that we complete.

We supply technical support, advice, and assistance during our file supply opening hours, free of charge. We keep it honest: if we make a mistake, we won’t hide from you. Our ISO 9000 designed quality system means that we set ourselves the highest standards and will always listen and act positively to correct any problems or concerns.