We have specialist tools and expertise to perform better than dealer-level vehicle diagnostics on the vast majority of cars on the road today. We are not restricted to any particular make or model, for many manufacturers we have the same vehicle diagnostic tools as supplied to the dealers in addition to other specialist products. Some of the manufacture dealer tools we use but not limited too: AUDI VW SKODA SEAT MERCEDES PEUGEOT CITROEN FIAT FORD VAUXHALL SUZUKI BMW JAGUAR LANDROVER BENTLEY some of which we also sell to the trade in our SHOP

We have a huge range of specialist equipment that allows us to find and repair all manner of faults on any make or model of vehicle. Including physical repairs to ECU`s, full function coding, Retro fitment, Immobiliser removal, Virginising, Second hand component swap and recode, Cloning and Specialist EDC17 and MED17 ECU services. We specialise in our remapping and tuning services.

It is important to note that we are not just talking about code readers, most of our work involves the use of oscilloscopes and other specialist and often in-house developed test equipment to determine the actual cause of any issues found. We also have a state of the art italian DIMSPORT dynometer allowing us to simulate true road conditions.

Unlike regular garages who spend most of their time servicing and repairing the mechanical side of vehicles, at mobileECOtuning we specialise in the increasingly complex computer controlled electronic systems on a very wide range of vehicles. We also have the skills and specialist equipment that enables us to repair most electronics systems such as ECU’s to component level, allowing us to repair ECU’s rather than replace them.

70% of our work is for local garages and workshops who often struggle to diagnose due to lack of equipment or knowledge but with our coupled experience we can diagnose most faults within the hour. At your convenience be that home, work or even unsociable hours, we have fully trained technicians across the South UK waiting to get you back on the road. They can be found on our dealer MAP.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and it is the forefront of our operation. With reliability, drive-ability and satisfaction being our aim we are sure you will be delighted with the service we offer and have no hesitation in recommending our services to friends and family.