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Battery Support Unit

The role of the battery in a vehicle is not limited to starting. It is the power supply for all electrical
components essential for safety and comfort. The BSU (Battery Support Unit) is necessary for
providing the required energy when the engine is off, especially during diagnostic phases or
showroom vehicle demonstrations. The wide range of GYSFLASH PRO models caters for these
requirements and offers multiple configurations to meet customer needs.


Specifically designed to be fitted on a wall or on a car lift, the vertical Gysflash 102.12 is a 100A high power stabilised supply incorporating inverter technology with 5 functions:

Battery support: sustains 12V (liquid or gel) automotive battery during diagnostic work.

Advance battery charger: ensures an ideal charging cycle for battery maintenance for the most modern vehicles.

Showroom mode: maintains batteries in showroom vehicles.

In «battery change» mode, will maintain electrical supply to preserve vehicle memory settings.

High power stabilised supply: voltage & current adjustable.


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102.12 Manual


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