The Prologics sensor simulator is the
ultimate tool to simulate and actuate the
output signal from automotive sensors
incorporating frequency, voltage and test
It will help you in your diagnostic when used
in conjunction with your scan tool diagnosis
to diagnose. Sensors, injector actuators thus
informing you and the scan tools that there
is a problem, but Sensor simulator will allow
the technician to know if the faulty operation
is a faulty sensor a problem in the car
computer, a defect in the wiring…


ProLogics Europe Sensor Voltage Probe 2 << more info

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The device is used for wiring tests so it can simulate the correct signal and compare it to the scan tool
Allows you to eliminate the need to replace sensors and diagnosing the correct fault
1. Simulated Resistance
2. Simulated Voltage from 0.2 to 7V in 0.1 increments
3. Simulated Sine Wave
4. Simulated Square Wave
5. Simulated Temperature Coefficient Sensors:
6. Simulated Throttle & Pedal Sensor sequences
7. Oxygen Sensor: Testing Mode and Simulated mode
You can simulate most sensors, injectors or actuator as ABS sensor, lambda sensor, EGR sensor,
CKP sensor, knock sensor, map sensor


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