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  • Navigator Multihub Interface
  • ICD5 CAR Plus Software – Includes: Cars & Light Commercials
  • First 12 Months CAR Subscription

The Texa Car & Light Commercial PC Package has the complete auto diagnostics interface, designed for working on all types of vehicles (BUS, COACH, TRUCKS, CARS, BIKES, PLANT and LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES). It connects to a pc or tablet using Bluetooth technology running the TEXA IDC5 software..

Multihub Interface

TXT MULTIHUB is equipped with a practical backlit display that gives it great usability and the possibility to view the information based on three types of messages:

  • communication mode with the display unit
  • charging voltage of the battery in the vehicle it is connected to
  • operating status that can be standard diagnosis, DoIP Wi-Fi, DoIP Ethernet, Pass-Thru


CAR Subscription: Entitles you to software updates throughout the year (Not compulsory after the initial 12 months as with some other diagnostic equipment).

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