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VCDS® (formerly called VAG-COM) is a powerful “virtually dealer level” PC / laptop based diagnostic tool for Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda and Audi cars and light vans.

This is Ross-Techs new Wireless interface, the HEX-NET, for unlimited vehicles – the professional version!

  • Reset all service indicators (including 2013 and later Audis and VWs)
  • Reads and clears all fault codes
  • Covers all modules including airbag, ABS, engine, gearbox, central locking etc..
  • Retracts late model brake calipers for pad change
  • Throttle body adaptions

Comes complete with official Ross-Tech HEX-NET interface and, USB cable and Software Licence.

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VCDS Software Information Using VCDS on a Windows PC, you can:

  • Read and clear fault codes from all systems within the car, e.g. engine, airbag, ABS, instruments, parking sensors etc.
  • View live data from the sensors within the car
  • Reset service lights (both fixed and variable service intervals)
  • Read stored and intermittent fault codes
  • Graph and log live data with the car running
  • Automatically read fault codes from all car systems in a single search
  • Perform basic setting functions, adaptations and soft coding
  • Activate service functions, such as Electronic Park Brake (EPB) to allow brake pad changes
  • Supports bi-directional output test and component actuation

VCDS software features:

  • Over 20,820 fault code definitions
  • Free software updates