Boost your diesel car or van’s performance with a professional remap. At MET, we are experts in ECU remapping, offering unrivalled performance gains, improved fuel economy, and a smoother and more rewarding driving experience.

Our software engineers specialise in diesel vehicle remaps, a safe and reliable form of engine tuning that ensures optimal power delivery and increased torque.

For an extra edge, consider our advanced remapping options, including a hard-cut limiter for a bolder engine roar at peak RPMs. Choose MET for comprehensive diesel ECU tuning and experience your engine’s true capabilities.

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Every driver wants their diesel vehicle to perform at its best while saving money on fuel costs. Our diesel remaps are tailored to achieve both!

By making adjustments to the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit, we can optimise several parameters such as fuel injection timing, turbo boost pressure, and air-to-fuel ratios. These modifications result in increased power, greater torque, sharper throttle response, and smoother power delivery, making your vehicle more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

Another key benefit of our diesel remaps is improved fuel economy, too. By optimising engine performance, you can achieve significant fuel savings. More torque means fewer gear shifts and reduced throttle pedal movements, resulting in better mpg and lower fuel consumption.

Enjoy increased performance and lower fuel costs, book a MET remap today!

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Going Further


In addition to the revised ECU parameters, our diesel remaps also unlock a wealth of advanced options that will take your car or van to the next level.

We can also offer a hard-cut limiter to give your car or van the aggressive soundtrack of a petrol vehicle at the rev limit, as well as disable speed limiters or clear any Diagnostic Trouble Codes or engine fault codes.

Check out our list of Advanced Options to see how MET can further enhance your diesel vehicle.

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Testing & Development


We understand that tuning your vehicle can sometimes raise concerns about reliability issues. Not with MET. Rest assured, our ECU remaps are completely safe and reliable.

As approved members of the Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association (PAAA), we adhere to strict industry standards. Our remaps are developed following extensive testing on our state-of-the-art 1000bhp 4WD dyno as well as out on the open road, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind as well as performance.

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Understanding Diesel ECU Remapping with MET

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section where we delve into the specifics of diesel ECU remapping. At MET, we're dedicated to enhancing your vehicle's performance through expert remapping services. Whether you're curious about the benefits, process, or safety of diesel remapping, our FAQs are tailored to provide you with clear, concise, and informative answers. Discover how you can unlock your vehicle's true potential today.

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What is ECU remapping, and how does it enhance my diesel vehicle's performance?

ECU remapping is a process where we adjust the software in your vehicle's Engine Control Unit to optimise performance. This tuning enhances power, torque, throttle response, and smoothness in power delivery, making your diesel car or van more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

Can diesel remapping improve fuel efficiency, and how?

Yes, diesel remapping can significantly improve fuel economy. By optimising engine performance, such as fuel injection timing and air-to-fuel ratios, it enables more efficient use of fuel. This leads to fewer gear shifts, reduced throttle pedal movements, better mpg, and lower fuel consumption.

What are the additional features offered in advanced diesel remaps by MET?

Our advanced diesel remaps include options like a hard-cut limiter for a bolder engine sound at peak RPMs, disabling speed limiters, and clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes or engine fault codes, enhancing your vehicle’s performance and driving experience.

Is diesel remapping a safe procedure for my vehicle?

Absolutely. At MET, our remaps are safe and reliable. As approved members of the Performance Automotive Aftermarket Association, we adhere to strict industry standards and ensure that our remaps are developed through extensive testing, providing you with peace of mind.

How does remapping affect the driving experience of a diesel vehicle?

Remapping transforms the driving experience by increasing power, torque, and providing a sharper throttle response. This results in a smoother, more rewarding drive, with enhanced responsiveness and a more engaging driving experience.

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With a dedicated network of authorised agents throughout the UK, you can unlock the performance potential of your vehicle with an MET remap no matter where you live! Every one of our 150-plus agents has undergone specialist training with MET products and provides the professional service associated with the MET brand. Many of our agents offer mobile tuning solutions, making remapping your car or van even easier.

Simply enter your postcode to find your nearest authorised MET agent.

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