Our 4-wheel-drive dyno allows us to accurately record the power and torque of a vehicle. By securing the vehicle onto the rolling road, our technicians can safely simulate the engine loads a vehicle would experience on the road or race track. This allows us to make finite adjustments to the vehicle’s ECU settings and monitor the effect it has on performance in a safe and controlled environment. All MET remaps have been extensively tested on our in-house dyno to ensure performance and reliability, before being released for sale.

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A chassis dynamometer – often referred to as a rolling road or a dyno – is a mechanical device that is used to simulate different road conditions within a controlled environment. Our Dimsport 4WD DF4FSHLS dyno is one of the best dynos currently available, capable of supporting over 1000bhp and providing accurate power and torque measurements.

With the ability to connect both the front and rear rollers hydraulically, our dyno is one of only a few types that can safely and accurately be used with four-wheel-drive vehicles with modern electro-mechanical transmissions that alter the torque distribution between the front and rear axles. No matter what vehicle you have, it’ll go on our dyno!

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At MET, we understand that owners demand both performance and reliability from their vehicles. Each of our remaps undergoes a rigorous testing and development procedure, using our state-of-the-art dyno. Not only does the dyno provide an accurate horsepower and torque reading, it also plays a crucial part in developing the revised software calibration too. Using the rolling road, our developers can hold a vehicle at a steady speed or a constant force, or can simulate real-world driving conditions to ensure our ECU remaps deliver the ultimate driving experience.

A dyno also proves an invaluable diagnostic tool, allowing the operator to isolate and address any running issues safely in a controlled environment.

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We offer customers the opportunity to add a dyno session as part of an MET remap, allowing you to compare the before and after performance figures. Or, you can book a standalone power run to fully assess the health of your vehicle regardless of its state of tune.

Alternatively, our dyno diagnostic sessions are invaluable for isolating and understanding any running issues your vehicle might be experiencing.

Book your session on our 1000bhp 4WD dyno today.

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What Makes Our State-of-the-Art 1000bhp 4WD Rolling Road Exceptional?

Welcome to our detailed FAQ section, where we address common questions about our impressive 1000bhp 4WD rolling road and DYNO services at MET. Whether you're curious about the technology, its benefits, or how it can upgrade your vehicle's performance, you'll find precise and helpful answers here. Our state-of-the-art facility and expert technicians ensure your vehicle achieves peak performance and reliability.

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What is a 4WD rolling road?

A 4WD rolling road, also known as a chassis dynamometer or simply a dyno, is a mechanical device used to simulate different road conditions in a controlled environment. It is specifically designed to accurately record the power and torque of a vehicle, including those with four-wheel drive.

How does the rolling road test enhance vehicle performance?

The rolling road test allows technicians to simulate the engine loads a vehicle would experience on actual roads or race tracks. This simulation enables finite adjustments to the vehicle’s ECU settings, which can significantly enhance the vehicle's performance and efficiency.

Are all types of vehicles compatible with your dyno?

Yes, our Dimsport 4WD DF4FSHLS dyno is capable of supporting a wide range of vehicles, including those with over 1000bhp. Its advanced design allows it to be safely and accurately used with both two-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

What role does the dyno play in software upgrades for vehicles?

The dyno is crucial in the development of software upgrades. It provides accurate horsepower and torque readings, and can simulate real-world driving conditions. This ensures that our ECU remaps are thoroughly tested for performance and reliability, delivering an enhanced driving experience.

Can the rolling road be used for vehicle diagnostics?

Absolutely. Besides performance testing and enhancement, the rolling road serves as an invaluable diagnostic tool. It allows operators to isolate and address running issues of a vehicle in a safe and controlled environment.


Power Runs: - This consists of carrying out a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculated flywheel figures, at the same time where possible we will monitor boost and fuelling.

Full Dyno Session: - Checks carried out to ignition operation, fuelling system, engine management fault codes and live data. We will Also Carry out a full-throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculate flywheel figures, at the same time where possible we will monitor boost and fuelling.

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Diagnostics: - Where diagnostics are required to fault-find our diagnostic Hourly Labour Rate will apply. This is separate from the cost of the power run.

Pre-Test Conditions: - You The customer must make sure the vehicle is in a fit state to dyno test. This includes that fluid levels are topped up with oil and water, also that the tyres are in good condition and correctly inflated, the cooling system must be free from defects and functioning correctly, the exhaust must be gas tight as we need to take samples from the tailpipe and any leaks will dilute these readings.

The vehicle must have adequate fuel and of the correct octane rating.

For the purposes of accurate performance testing and best results the customer must be satisfied that all components are in the best condition possible, for example, spark plugs, injectors, turbochargers, and ignition system should all be in good order, otherwise the results may not represent the true performance of the vehicle.

The rolling road of course is to be used to establish the cause or source of the problem or determine BHP and torque. So, there must be means to attach securing straps to the vehicle if not we may not be able to perform the power test in these circumstances where we have spent the normal time on the rolling road the agreed charges will still apply.

Safety: - The customer must conform to the safety instructions given by Mobile ECO

Tuning personnel, particularly regarding safe distances and noise protection, please observe any safety notices and no entry signs. Failure to adhere to safety instructions will result in immediate cessation of any rolling road testing until the testing area has been made safe.

Customers are not permitted near the dyno during operation and must watch from the viewing areas provided.

Agreement: - As an intending customer of the rolling road testing, I have read and understood and accept the conditions and responsibilities stated above. I represent that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of full power and full throttle

Performance during any testing/tuning being performed. I further accept that the rolling road tests are intended to be and will be at maximum performance and at wide-open throttle and could create stress which may cause wear and tear or complete damage to, but not limited to: engine, powertrain and/or tyre/wheel failure or damage. I accept this is carried out at my own risk and that Mobile ECO Tuning Ltd and the respective personal cannot be held responsible for any vehicle or mechanical damage or failure.

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With a dedicated network of authorised agents throughout the UK, you can unlock the performance potential of your vehicle with an MET remap no matter where you live! Every one of our 150-plus agents has undergone specialist training with MET products and provides the professional service associated with the MET brand. Many of our agents offer mobile tuning solutions, making remapping your car or van even easier.

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