Our 4 wheel drive Dyno or Dynomometer is a device for measuring force (which can then be converted into power) and for vehicles, Our Chassis Dyno is a set of rollers that you drive a car onto, also known as a Rolling Road.  Our Dimsport Four Wheel Drive DF4FS version offers further features and programs to enhance the range/level of tests supported thanks to the use of the eddy current brake. The load simulator determines the ideal basis for vehicle diagnostic and testing to verify and recreate problems occurred as well as improve the engine efficiency (motorsport purposes).

The Dyno allows to us achieve tests on high performance vehicles (also in constant traction) up to 1200hp per axle and 250mph, thanks to high performance and high technological bearings.

Tests carried out through the use of the eddy current braked system allow to gain data that are processed by the managing software and display following results:

  • Maximum power at wheel, at engine and power loss with graph and numeric tables of the measurement collected during tests
  • Torque at wheel, nominal torque at engine, graph and numeric tables of the measurement collected during tests
  • Load simulation at constant RPM
  • Load simulation at constant traction condition
  • Road simulator according to CX and realistic variable load conditions
  • Measurement of discrepancy of speedometer/tachometer