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What are the benefits of remapping commercial vehicles?

Don’t whisper it loudly, but engine remapping isn’t just for petrolheads who want to get greater power and performance out of their car. In the world of commercial vehicles – vans and lorries as well as agricultural and construction vehicles – ECU remapping offers a range of significant cost benefits for fleet owners and operators, including improved fuel consumption and performance thanks to the optimized parameters in the engine control unit.

An ECU commercial vehicle remap done by a professional firm like Mobile Eco Tuning will increase horsepower and torque outputs, improve throttle response, and increase the low-down torque. For turbo-diesel engines of the kind commonly found in commercial vehicles, a remap can lead to considerable fuel savings of around 10 per cent in many cases.

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Save fuel costs with a commercial remap

Now, if you’re operating several vehicles and fuel economy is central to running your business efficiently, a 10 per cent saving will considerably help to reduce operating costs and contribute to a greener environment. For example, a Ford Transit that averages around 25 MPG and covers 20,000 miles a year might save around £500 (at today’s fuel prices). Multiply that across a fleet and you’ll experience considerable savings.

A great driving experience

Of course, optimum engine performance leads to a much-improved driving experience. A HGV tuning which improves acceleration is of particular benefit to drivers of commercial vehicles, particularly on motorways where overtaking in a truck can be a testing experience.


Go bespoke

A remap of your commercial vehicles will allow you to tailor engine performance to your specific business needs. You can optimize for long-distance haulage, urban deliveries or heavy loads, giving you the flexibility you need to operate your fleet at an optimum level.

Continued reliability

A fully comprehensive commercial engine remap of the kind we offer will in no way compromise engine reliability or lifespan. It will fine-tune settings without challenging the vehicle’s durability.

Remapping for farm and construction vehicles

Our customized remapping service isn’t just restricted to road haulage vehicles. Here at MET, we also look after agricultural and construction machinery. We can optimize the performance and efficiency of equipment such as tractors, harvesters, sprayers, excavators or bulldozers, improving their fuel efficiency and saving you significant operating costs. As with commercial vehicles, you can expect increased power, more torque, better fuel economy and reliable performance from your farm or site vehicles.

A fully mobile service

In the commercial and agricultural sector time is very precious, which is why we offer a fully mobile service. Our specialist engineers can visit your premises, plug their laptop into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and start transferring a map in a matter of minutes while in situ, minimising disruption while maximising convenience.

For these reasons and more, remapping of commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles makes great sense and is a smart investment. Savings can be considerable, while improved engine performance will make for a much better driving experience. At MET we will give you the best advice out there and, coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities, will guarantee you get the best remap on the market for the best experience. For more information contact us here or give us a call on 01934 644427.

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