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What is ECU remapping?

If you’ve never been a dedicated petrolhead, or even much of a fan of Top Gear, you can be forgiven for not knowing much about engine performance, tuning or ‘chipping’ – in short, what is now known as ECU remapping.

However, you might have been told about it by someone who’s had it done and, as a result, has seen a big difference in the way their car performs in terms of speed, power and responsiveness. And they might have suggested that you should get your car remapped by a firm like ours. If this is the case, you’ve definitely come to the right place! But before we tell you about our services, let’s explain in simple terms what ECU remapping is.

For years, drivers have tinkered with their cars to boost performance. ECU mapping (sometimes known as ‘chipping’ is a modern way of doing this by modifying a car’s ECU (electronic control unit) – essentially, its onboard computer. This is the device that is accessed by laptop-controlled diagnostic testing to troubleshoot problems with the vehicle. The ECU has default settings that, for various reasons, limit a car’s performance, and these settings can be overwritten to enhance that performance. This is known as ECU remapping.

ecu remapping

Why would I want my car ECU mapped?

By doing this, you’ll immediately notice the difference in terms of engine performance. You’ll realise that you’re stepping on the accelerator pedal more lightly, that you’re changing gear less frequently and that your fuel efficiency has increased. Overall, your driving experience will be much more pleasant!

Are there different remapping packages?

Yes. We offer three stages of ECU mapping.

  • Stage One will give you more power and torque from your engine, with needing hardware modifications. You’ll also notice faster acceleration and improved throttle response.
  • Stage Two will maximise performance on vehicles with hardware upgrades to key components such as the induction and exhaust systems, allowing the engine to breathe more freely. Then it will deliver maximum performance without compromising reliability or driveability.
  • Stage Three is the ultimate in power and performance. It works with big engine hardware upgrades such as bigger or hybrid turbochargers, larger-capacity fuel injectors, free-flowing induction kits, and less restrictive exhaust systems. While you’ll now have the highest power and torque figures, driveability and reliability is still paramount.

ecu mapping

Is it possible to ECU map petrol and diesel engines?

Yes, it is. Our software engineers bring their skills to both petrol and diesel engines, understanding the differences between the two and optimising accordingly. We will unlock the potential of your car and work with you to discover exactly what you’d like from our services. With both styles of remap, you’ll sense a significant boost in performance and smoother power delivery.

For more information about what we do, contact us here or give us a call at 01934 644427.


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